Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fantastic weekend and I love love summer!!

What a fun weekend! I nannied Friday and Saturday night. First off, can I just say how blessed I feel to have a job that I LOVE?! I literally count down the days and hours until I get to go! It's like getting payed to play house and hang out with the coolest kids! It always makes me so very excited to be a mom. I love even the "mundane" things such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. It's one of the areas of life that really pays off. Every little thing improves either myself as a nanny (and as a mom someday) or improves the home to make it a better atmosphere. There is not anything I would ever trade about nannying and no family I would ever trade the families I currently nanny for.

So, first, Friday night, one of the girls and I made up the most delicious brownies!!! Ready?.... first you get brownie mix (better made from scratch but we didn't want to take the time), and add marshmallows and cream cheese to batter (substitute for 1/2 of the butter), then put them in two bread pans so they are thicker than usual brownies, then bake for the instructed time on the box. In the meantime, make cream cheese frosting (the recipe off food network is really good), and add nutella to it. Allow the brownies to cool, spread a thick layer of frosting, then add mini chocolate chips= wonderful!!!

Saturday I had a great time nannying, then I got off at 9, so I went home and hung out with pops (my mom is out of town with my little sister, so it was just a Daddy/daughter night), so we watched a movie, of course ate some popcorn and chatted it up.

Ok, now we can move on...Pretty sure summer is the greatest season (although I think that about all the seasons). Tonight we had FHE and it was a blast, then we came home and played ultimate frisbee, then soccer, then volleyball, then yogurt land, then just dance (which I lost at 3 X- I don't want to talk about it). Then as if that wasn't already a most perfect summer night, I got to ride in my roomies sweet convertible. I love summer. This week is finals week. I have loved this semester at BYU, but I am also excited for it to be done and get to just enjoy my summer (although I will be working full time). Anyway, life is perfect.