Friday, June 29, 2012

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (Official Music Video)

ok, so I know I already posted the above song, but I'm a little obsessed with it, so I just had to emphasize once again my love for it hehe

The above song I heard on this blog (which I love) and I loved the song so I had to post- enjoy :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Latest and Greatest

Wow, I have not posted in forever- it has been a little crazy!!! I just finished the busiest semester I have ever attended. It was so great though and I learned so much! This semester I took New Testament, Doctrine and Covenants, and Communications 101 (dealing with media and all). I know I say this all the time but I really am so grateful to attend BYU- I love it so much and my education there has changed my life forever.

Now, catch up... first, my birthday... I have the most amazing friends in the world! First, at midnight, my roommate had some of our really good friends bring me flowers, gummy bears, confetti, etc. etc. :) Here are the flowers :) (if you know me, you know flowers are my very favorite thing in the world!!
Then I woke up to

 After all that, I went to school and then went home for a BBQ with the family (my favorite way to spend my birthday). When I got home my sweet roommate bought me my favorite ice cream! A couple days later they threw me a party at her cabin which was so thoughtful and meant so much!! Here are some pics from the party.

 Elysse and Kate :) (Kate is who organized it and it is her cabin)
 Kaylie and Sara
 Lots of awesome people
 me and Amanda
 Me and Paul- it looks like I put that in his hair and am torturing him- but he just did it and I was laughing (had to clarify haha)
me and Elysse :)
 They also took me out dinner and dessert later that week- I have the best friends in the world!!!
Ashley, Kate, and me

Two weeks ago, I ran my second marathon with two of my best friends!! It was so fun!!! I ran it in these new shoes. They are Brooks, Pure Cadence. These are my favorite shoes I have ever run in- they felt like I was running on pillows. The way they are laced helps the high arch in my foot and the way they are formed helps you to not heel strike as much and run more towards the middle of your foot (which is a good thing). However, I was a little stupid and only did one 5 mile run and one 20 mile run in them before the marathon. Because of this, my muscles were not used to the different kind of running and my feet not used to the shoes and I got a blister half the size of my foot (not exaggerating) and was in pain in the marathon. It slowed me down by half an hour because it came on around mile 6 but started to really get bad after about mile 13. Despite this, I absolutely LOVED the shoes- I just have to break them in before I run 26.2 miles in them. Duh Christianne...
Here are some pics of me and my friends- I forgot to take some with my other friend who ran it with us (ps: one of them is from my friends instagram so some of her pics are on there too :) 
 my Dad and brother came to cheer me on (just like at the last race) and it meant so much to me- it's crazy how much it helps having someone you know and love cheering you on

 Paul came to cheer us on- even wrote Ashley and I funny notes the night before to give us laughs before the run!

Our old roommate got married and here is a pic from that...