Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great recipe and not so great food...
I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while- but I keep forgetting! I made it for my roomie's birthday and mother's day and it was a hit! It's best with homemade bread, but I didn't feel like typing up that recipe!

I absolutely love to cook! I can cook the most complex recipe and make it turn out perfect (it may take a try or two, but I can usually get it down pretty quickly and it almost always turns out delicious)- give me a "just add water" recipe and I'm done for! :( Tonight I was craving something sweet so I got out my sugar free, fat free pudding (I usually think that stuff is disgusting but was def not willing to waste 100 cal on a spoon full of pudding- I'd rather have the whole bowl!) and I just added milk, but I ran out when I was almost done, just like I always do!!! So, I thought, it won't hurt to add just a little bit of warm rice milk and wallah! It turned to pure liquid just like the other 2 or 3 bowls I made other days, and no worries- I am too cheap to throw it away, so I just ate it like liquid.

Friday, May 27, 2011

BYU violatation moment and dreaded question

So, this story calls for a preface... any of you who are not familiar with BYU should know, there is a dress code- no short shorts or skirts, sleeves are a must, and no low cut shirts. Anyway, so, with that in mind, I am walking around BYU campus in my perfectly modest, in with dress code skirt (comes right to my knees), I suddenly notice I don't feel my skirt hitting the back of my legs like I should. So I reach behind and sure enough my whole skirt is resting under my backpack (I have had that backpack since my sophomore year of high school, so it sags a lot lower than it should and tends to pick things up. So, sorry all who had to see that awful scene- swear I did not mean to- it's a good thing I don't get embarrassed very easily.

On to the dreaded question... call me socially inept but I hate it when people say "what's up?" I don't know what to say!!! Because if they say it as they're passing by you, it's not like they REALLY want to know whats up, where you're going, what you're doing, etc. but if I just smile and say hi, I feel completely rude and like I just ignored their question- everyone else seems to handle this question just fine- it's just me that gets all flustered! Oh well, maybe someday I'll grow up and learn the answer to this question :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

forgot to turn my head on

Do you ever have those moments when you do super stupid things and your brain just doesn't feel like it's turned on? I have those all the time (but I have smart times too ;) So, the past few days I've had two of those! Today at the gas station I was so frustrated because I kept pushing the button #4 that I thought corresponded to "no, I do not have a rewards card" and I even went and asked for help at the gas station office and when I still couldn't get it, the guy had to come over and look at what I was doing, then he looked at me like I was possibly the dumbest person he'd ever run in to and said, you have to press "no" not 4. Then I smiled and said, oh, ok, thanks!! This right here is the perfect example of why 9-10 hours of sleep a night is paramount to the proper function of my brain :) don't even get me started on the other day when I tried to go out through the automatic in door and kept pushing it because I thought it must be broken! (I was sleep deprived that day too)
Anyway, good thing those moments happen less often than not, and it keeps them funny when they do happen! Today was a great day! I had such a good day at school, went into hibernation for a few hours, out to a delicious dinner, and finished the night off with the Mavericks game (which they won) and country dancing with my fantastic roomie! It was my first time country dancing and I've got to admit, I'm not so sure how I feel about it. If you know me, you know I have danced ever since I was 3- but ballet and jazz are a completely different story than trying to dance with someone. If you know me, you also know, I love sports and would much rather kick, throw, or run at something than try to actually be considerate of someone's feet. But overall it was so fun and ended with yogurtland which coupons I got from Janae's cycling class!
Exciting news...I just got an email today that I have an interview to be an EFY counselor!! I felt like I was inspired on Sunday that this was something I should try to do (I have always wanted to, but didn't apply for this year). So, I applied and prayed that if it was right I would get the opportunity- so it's not a done deal yet, but I REALLY hope it works out! If not, I know God has something better in mind for me, but this sounds really great and I would love to be able to do it if it's right! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such a great weekend!

First stop... Mom's on Friday- many of you would say what a lame way to spend your weekend, but, you don't know my Mom. So Friday, we gave my sister and her cute friends a pizza and a movie and left to go out to dinner, then we got frozen yogurt (my favorite thing of course not complete without sour patch kids on top), got in our favorite PJs and watched a stupid movie but had fun making fun of it!

On to Saturday...I went on a super long run in the hot sun, came back burnt and dehydrated, but it's ok running, I forgive you! It was my cute friend's wedding reception that night and easily the prettiest wedding reception I have ever attended! It was like all my wedding plans in my head materialized into her reception (and no we had never talked about my crazy wedding dreams!) So, of course we had to watch the full wedding video (incomplete without happy tears and dreaming of my Prince charming), then we of course we HAD to talk about every detail of my wedding from the flowers, to the food, to my dress, jewelery, and how I will do my hair. Now, let me stop you here and answer your, I am not engaged, nor do I have a boyfriend or man that I am hoping becomes my boyfriend, I'm just a starry-eyed little girl who pretends she's 20, but still gets butterflies when she thinks of her fairytale she's waiting for! Then we came back and watched a movie that looked like it would've been really good if it weren't for all the junk they like to stuff in movies and call it entertainment, so we turned that off and called it a night.

Sunday...I have not been able to attend my church for two weeks because I have been out of town. I have missed it!! Going to church always brightens my day and makes me so happy- there is nothing better! I am so blessed to live so close to my church! We had wonderful lessons throughout the three hour block (sounds crazy long- I know- but it doesn't feel that long and is so worth it!) Then, the day would not be complete without a home-cooked meal! So, I rushed home changed into some comfortable clothes and was off to Grandma's to meet my Mom and sister and Grandparents for a delicious dinner! Roast, salad, green beans, homemade rolls, and potatoes. I think I ate about 3 portions of the salad and green beans- sorry everyone at the table! Hope you weren't counting on eating tonight! After my delicious dinner, I was off to my incredible cousin's seminary graduation (a church youth group), I am so proud of her! It takes a lot of time, but once again, is so worth it!

Well, I'm off to bed! Need to wake up early to finish some more homework before class!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

worst blogger...

I always forget to write on my blog...oops! But it's been such a great past few weeks!! First off, reason 129875230 why I love running... you get to explore which means you get a great workout while you get to look around. The other day I was running and saw cute kids running around playing, kids and a parent making pots, a mom gardening, etc. It's just always a great reminder of all the simple joys!
Last weekend I was able to go out east for my cousin's wedding. It was so beautiful and so fun to be around family! There is no place I love more than the east (although the south is is tied for first place!) It was so nice to just hang out and have nothing to do, then I got home and my family had a big birthday dinner for me and gifts and a fun movie! Such a great night!