Sunday, May 22, 2011

Such a great weekend!

First stop... Mom's on Friday- many of you would say what a lame way to spend your weekend, but, you don't know my Mom. So Friday, we gave my sister and her cute friends a pizza and a movie and left to go out to dinner, then we got frozen yogurt (my favorite thing of course not complete without sour patch kids on top), got in our favorite PJs and watched a stupid movie but had fun making fun of it!

On to Saturday...I went on a super long run in the hot sun, came back burnt and dehydrated, but it's ok running, I forgive you! It was my cute friend's wedding reception that night and easily the prettiest wedding reception I have ever attended! It was like all my wedding plans in my head materialized into her reception (and no we had never talked about my crazy wedding dreams!) So, of course we had to watch the full wedding video (incomplete without happy tears and dreaming of my Prince charming), then we of course we HAD to talk about every detail of my wedding from the flowers, to the food, to my dress, jewelery, and how I will do my hair. Now, let me stop you here and answer your, I am not engaged, nor do I have a boyfriend or man that I am hoping becomes my boyfriend, I'm just a starry-eyed little girl who pretends she's 20, but still gets butterflies when she thinks of her fairytale she's waiting for! Then we came back and watched a movie that looked like it would've been really good if it weren't for all the junk they like to stuff in movies and call it entertainment, so we turned that off and called it a night.

Sunday...I have not been able to attend my church for two weeks because I have been out of town. I have missed it!! Going to church always brightens my day and makes me so happy- there is nothing better! I am so blessed to live so close to my church! We had wonderful lessons throughout the three hour block (sounds crazy long- I know- but it doesn't feel that long and is so worth it!) Then, the day would not be complete without a home-cooked meal! So, I rushed home changed into some comfortable clothes and was off to Grandma's to meet my Mom and sister and Grandparents for a delicious dinner! Roast, salad, green beans, homemade rolls, and potatoes. I think I ate about 3 portions of the salad and green beans- sorry everyone at the table! Hope you weren't counting on eating tonight! After my delicious dinner, I was off to my incredible cousin's seminary graduation (a church youth group), I am so proud of her! It takes a lot of time, but once again, is so worth it!

Well, I'm off to bed! Need to wake up early to finish some more homework before class!

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