Friday, August 3, 2012


It's been a while once again... oops. Haha I'm pretty sure way too many of my posts begin with those words. Anyway, I just had to write what I am feeling today... I am feeling such a strong sense of hope (that makes it sound like I'm usually depressed or something- I am just fine- just realizing some things). There are some things that you know so clearly but do not really resonate until later. The feeling that I have experienced that just began to resonate with me is the feeling of knowing I should not settle in any aspect of my life and realizing what settling would be. I have always had this hope of what my future will bring, but it has always somehow seemed so out of reach. Today I was speaking with my Dad (many of my realizations come when speaking with him haha) and I realized that many of the things that I hope for in my future are not too much to hope for. It really resonated with me today that I should not and cannot settle in any aspect of life... education, relationships, time goals with running, or in imagining what I can be. I love that we have the power to do or be whatever we choose. I believe that if we are willing to work towards it we can feel that we are taking life and savoring every moment and live it to the fullest and become who we want to be.