Monday, April 23, 2012

fantastic talk

This morning I read a talk entitled, Seek Learning: You Have a Work to do. This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday in my post- enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

thoughts, talks, and recipes

Hello! Finals are over, the sun is out and it is a BEAUTIFUL Sunday!! I have so much to say today so bear with me- it'll be a little jumbled. First off, today I gave the lesson in Relief Society (a women's organization in our church- we meet for an hour every Sunday as part of our church service while the men meet together in their own service for that hour). I had so much fun teaching it- I had never taught a Relief Society lesson, but I have taught other things- anyway, it reminded me how much I really love teaching- it made me wonder if I am taking the right path for me. I think I am, but I think I will remember to pursue it differently. As I was choosing a future career and educational path, I wanted to teach high school history or be a college professor and teach, however, my only concern is that the only time I am ever planning on working is to put my husband through schooling or until I have children or as a safety net in my back pocket in case something unfortunate happens in the future and I need to be the sole provider for my family. All I want is to be a stay at home Mom and touch as many lives as possible. When I thought about this, I realized that if I was going to be the sole provider (hopefully never but just in case), I would not be able to provide the way I hope to accomplish the dreams I have for my family with just a teaching salary, so I decided I am fascinated by law and the Constitution so I would attend law school and get a law degree and emphasize in Constitutional law then, I could teach a couple of days a week at a high school or at a college. Anyway, at the beginning of my education, the sole purpose of it was in case I ever needed a career- I didn't plan on graduating if I got married in college, however, as I have gone through college, I have realized how much I LOVE learning. I realized that even if I never plan on being a lawyer and never "use" it in that sense, it will be of use to me in everyday life- as I write this, I am reminded of all these things I have forgotten and it is made obvious to me that I am pursuing the right path, however, I cannot forget the teaching side of it and I want to always strive for opportunities to be a teacher (even if it's teaching English in foreign countries- another dream). Anyway, that was a lot of rambling- haha oh well.
Then, I came home from church and read this talk. It was so great- I love the constant reminders I always receive to remember who we all are- children of God destined to do great things because we are truly children of a divine being.
So, I decided today I need to clear out my food interest board, because it only grows daily haha and I have 787 pins so we may be getting excessive here? Anyway, so I decided to share the links with you and let you know my opinion :)Click on the links to see the recipes :) First off, cake batter rice treats. I did not try these because I cannot eat gluten and picked them mainly because I have a slight obsession with sprinkles (I think it's because I wasn't allowed to eat them on a constant basis growing up haha), anyway, I asked my roommates and they said you couldn't even tell they were different and no one seemed to go crazy over them at the party, so I wouldn't recommend these (although take that one with a grain of salt because I didn't actually try it), next we have cookie dough dip- gluten free I may add- this was AMAZING! I am sure I will be making it for every next party we host- everyone loved it and it's always fun to have something a little different to serve at parties although I wouldn't recommend eating it the day after for breakfast (not that I would know by experience or anything haha). Anyway, you put out vanilla wafers and pretzels (my favorite with it which you can also get gluten free) and anything else you can think of that would be delicious with it :), next we have no bake vanilla cake batter truffles- these are not gluten free, but completely delicious, so much so that I was willing to be sick to eat them haha TMI? ;) anyway, I really loved them, and last Peanut butter banana cups. I LOVED these!!! They were such a good, healthy snack to have on hand. I used almond butter instead of peanut butter (peanut butter is good for you if you get it fresh ground, however I just wanted to use almond butter) and you need to keep them in the freezer or fridge until you are ready to eat them and I wouldn't recommend taking it anywhere unless you have a way to keep them cool because I brought it to school as a snack and it completely melted into a pile of almond butter banana goodness and I ended up sneaking away to the bathroom to eat my nut butter mush in peace so I didn't look gross digging it out of the plastic wrap haha anyway- loved all of these- more recipes to come- sorry for the novel (pretty sure I say that every time though)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hello lovelies! So I started on my summer goals list and have been doing great, but then forgot I wasn't eating sugar and ate a delicious dessert-haha oops. Oh well, what can you do, so I figure I should probably finish my day by eating some other divinely delicious sugary treat right ;)? Anyway, I just got back from Florida a few days ago- can I just say it was so so fun. A) I LOVE my Grandparents. I want to be just like my Nana- she is seriously my role model. B) I LOVE the beach- I will live by a beach someday and go running on it daily and have cute little dinners with my family on the beach (that's what my Nana did when my Dad was growing up. My pappy would get home from work and there would be a note on the counter that said meet us at the beach and he'd come and they'd all eat dinner together on the beach- adorable right?) I love everything about it- the smell, the sound, the look, the sunsets, the dolphins, etc etc. C) I love family vacations- they always consist of eating sugar, staying up late, cuddling up and watching movies, and going on family walks late into the night and D) I LOVE the South. I really hope I get to live there or the east someday. My heart kinda hurts whenever I leave either of those places to come home. I will post a full recap with pictures once my Father gives them to me (because I don't think enough on the spot to take pictures)
In the mean time, funny story and some songs to show you :) So, I got back my paper for one of my classes today and I already knew I was most likely going to get a bad grade when I saw the cover sheet and my name on it- are you ready for this?... I spelled my name wrong!!!! THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE- MY NAME. I understand I was rushed and trying to be on time to class when I printed it out, but you'd think I would be able to handle my own name. To make matters worse- my teacher noticed and corrected it for me. Haha so, there's that.

Next... some songs I'm loving lately....First be warned, I am shamelessly all over any song, book, movie, etc. that has a cute love story, so these are ridiculously cheesy but I love them haha

Ok, so this music video is slightly creepy and the song is a little angry, but I really love it (not totally sure why haha)

and for the icing on the cake- I have always loved this song, but I just heard it on the radio today and remembered it!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

catchup, goals, and dreams

Hello blogging world! I am back! Oh how I have missed you! Life has finally slowed down (which is strange because it is finals, but it's nothing compared to the past few weeks). I love crazy times because it shows how much we are capable of with God's helps. I never could have gotten through those few weeks without Him and have learned a lot! Get ready for an overload of thoughts, etc.

So, first off, I am running another marathon in June. I am so very excited (get ready for an overload on running info and recipes because it's running/cooking season)! And on top of that, I finally have time to train! Wahoo!!! And want to hear the best part!!! Two of my best friends will be running it with me!! Could it get any better?!?! In addition to this, summer is almost here!! I will be going to school and working three jobs until June then it will just be the three jobs and no school until end of August :) I can't wait.... I will be nannying for one of the families that I nannied for right out of high school which makes me so happy- I have missed them so very much!! I will also continue nannying for the adorable family that I've been nannying since Freshman year of high school which makes me so happy! (I haven't been able to watch them the past two week and I'm going through withdrawals!!), and I will continue my current job at a restaurant by me. I am so happy- it's going to be a good summer :) so, for the summer goals (not because you really care but because I will probably stick to them better if I've published them on the world wide web :) )...
1) I'm going off sugar just until the marathon- not for a diet or weight (I very anti-diets for me and will never go on one -ever- the very thought makes me not so happy). But I am going off for a little experiment... the last marathon I ran I got a pretty long time (which I was happy with), but I'm hoping this year maybe I can improve it by doing more speed work, more cross-training, and NO SUGAR). I'm really curious if it's slowing me down- I've heard/read a lot about it and used to never eat it in high school when I ran really fast, so hopefully it works and I'm a speedy bullet and can improve my time!
2) EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE. I am TERRIBLE at this- especially when ANYTHING fun is going on (I guess I'm kinda a yellow in that way) and especially when summer comes, but I am a true believer that yes, while I may miss out on some fun things (which kinda makes me a little sad), I will be much more productive and have very peaceful mornings because I will be up at the crack of dawn before others show their faces- which will enhance my "me" time
3) Cook one appetizer, main dish, and dessert a week (probably on Sundays). If you knew me in high school you know how much I LOVE cooking. I think it is so fun and therapeutic and even more- I love cooking for people I love. In high school I did so much cooking for my family, was on cooking teams, and had a scholarship to attend the culinary school at UVU, however, it didn't feel right and ever since I came to college my budget has been way too tight to cook the things I like, but this summer with the three jobs, I'll be able to eat like a normal person and cook more which will make me happierthanIcandescribe!!!!!!!
4) Not procrastinate- ask my roommmates- I have NO discipline when it comes to homework or fun. This semester I'm going to be better and try to do first things first. There are my goals I'm going to focus on this summer- I'm sure you'll be hearing more about them later on. Ok, so now for the dreaming...Here is a song that I love so much and it really makes me think...

I love love this song. I have heard it before, but I heard it again decide and decided to blog on it :) In the dating sphere I always think how would this guy treat me when I get sick, when I'm pregnant and throwing up and not cute at all, when I'm old, or if I ever get a disease? Will he support me and make me feel beautiful and see the beauty in me even though I'm not at all at that time? Will he make me feel safe and give me courage and strength to go on? When my Mom would get pregnant she would get really sick and I remember coming home from school and seeing her not able to get off the couch because she was so sick. She had to be attached to an IV the whole time and would have to have shots daily. My Dad would have to give these to her and as a little girl it was always so sweet to watch how tenderly he treated her and took care of her and as the daughter I felt so safe and knew everything was ok because my Dad was taking care of her. Anyway, long story or long story long haha, this song just is everything I hope my relationship with my husband is and how I can be to him when he is stressed or goes through difficult things or if he ever goes through anything like this.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This song is adorable...

I'm loving all their songs lately, but here are just some I've been listening to today