Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hello lovelies! So I started on my summer goals list and have been doing great, but then forgot I wasn't eating sugar and ate a delicious dessert-haha oops. Oh well, what can you do, so I figure I should probably finish my day by eating some other divinely delicious sugary treat right ;)? Anyway, I just got back from Florida a few days ago- can I just say it was so so fun. A) I LOVE my Grandparents. I want to be just like my Nana- she is seriously my role model. B) I LOVE the beach- I will live by a beach someday and go running on it daily and have cute little dinners with my family on the beach (that's what my Nana did when my Dad was growing up. My pappy would get home from work and there would be a note on the counter that said meet us at the beach and he'd come and they'd all eat dinner together on the beach- adorable right?) I love everything about it- the smell, the sound, the look, the sunsets, the dolphins, etc etc. C) I love family vacations- they always consist of eating sugar, staying up late, cuddling up and watching movies, and going on family walks late into the night and D) I LOVE the South. I really hope I get to live there or the east someday. My heart kinda hurts whenever I leave either of those places to come home. I will post a full recap with pictures once my Father gives them to me (because I don't think enough on the spot to take pictures)
In the mean time, funny story and some songs to show you :) So, I got back my paper for one of my classes today and I already knew I was most likely going to get a bad grade when I saw the cover sheet and my name on it- are you ready for this?... I spelled my name wrong!!!! THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE- MY NAME. I understand I was rushed and trying to be on time to class when I printed it out, but you'd think I would be able to handle my own name. To make matters worse- my teacher noticed and corrected it for me. Haha so, there's that.

Next... some songs I'm loving lately....First be warned, I am shamelessly all over any song, book, movie, etc. that has a cute love story, so these are ridiculously cheesy but I love them haha

Ok, so this music video is slightly creepy and the song is a little angry, but I really love it (not totally sure why haha)

and for the icing on the cake- I have always loved this song, but I just heard it on the radio today and remembered it!!

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