Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great recipe and not so great food...
I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while- but I keep forgetting! I made it for my roomie's birthday and mother's day and it was a hit! It's best with homemade bread, but I didn't feel like typing up that recipe!

I absolutely love to cook! I can cook the most complex recipe and make it turn out perfect (it may take a try or two, but I can usually get it down pretty quickly and it almost always turns out delicious)- give me a "just add water" recipe and I'm done for! :( Tonight I was craving something sweet so I got out my sugar free, fat free pudding (I usually think that stuff is disgusting but was def not willing to waste 100 cal on a spoon full of pudding- I'd rather have the whole bowl!) and I just added milk, but I ran out when I was almost done, just like I always do!!! So, I thought, it won't hurt to add just a little bit of warm rice milk and wallah! It turned to pure liquid just like the other 2 or 3 bowls I made other days, and no worries- I am too cheap to throw it away, so I just ate it like liquid.

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