Friday, October 28, 2011

As of Late and Cold Tears

Last weekend my family and I ventured up to Park City for an extended weekend to celebrate my Mom's birthday and it was UEA!!! Wahoo!!!! Wait, colleges don't honor holidays that you look forward to when you're in grade school?! Don't fret, I gave myself the holiday anyway :) Our weekend consisted of much laughing, eating, spa-ing, hot tubbing, laying out (don't worry I was so cold that I wrapped myself in one of those spa bathrobes and just let my face get tan- but it didn't so all of my patience wasn't really for anything. Oh well, I guess there are more important things in life ;)
Anyway, I'm so grateful for my sweet family that was willing to bring us all to PC. It was such a nice getaway. The below picture is of me and my little sister. Guess how old she is.... wrong. She is 13! Too bad people could easily guess that she's older because she's half a foot taller and looks older- oh well haha.

On a different note, Utah is FREEZING!!! It was so cold today that tears started coming out of my eyes just because of the cold (Hence the title)! Below is a picture of our flag football team. We had a game last night and I wore four layers of shirts/jackets and was still so cold!!! But hey, at least we had fun and got to play! 
Anyway, I'm really hungry and need to go eat my cafe rio. Bye

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