Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, I've always been a pretty hardcore daydreamer, but lately I've been feeling a little panicky like I'm doing enough to progress towards them or I'm going to forget them. I have the craziest dreams and that's alright with me as long as I am willing to progress towards them or they are replaced by dreams which mean more to me. Soledad is one of my favorite songs about dreams-listen you'll love it. Click on the link, then click on Soledad and you can listen :) So I have a bucket list on my phone, computer, and in my head, and in my journal but none are completed, so I'm going to put part of my bucket list here to compile those lists- but I'll leave some things out that are too personal :)

  • Get married in the temple and be so in love beyond what I thought was possible
  • Have a family (these first two I recognize will never be completed but I want to progress towards them and constantly be striving for it)
  • Run the Boston marathon 
  • Read biographies of all the Presidents
  • Move outside of Utah (Hopefully to the east or south :)
  • Read all of Jane Austen's books
  • Start a non-profit organization
  • Learn to play the guitar 
  • Practice piano and get to the level where I can play on the spot
  • Overcome my awkwardness of singing in front of people that are important to me and be able to sing on the spot 
  • Get season tickets to the Yankees (I realize this one is a little far-fetched but a girl can dream right?;)
  • Continue on to some form of graduate school 
  • Learn how to paint
    • Haha this is a painting I did for a class today as a replica of Pollock's painting but don't worry I wasn't serious haha, but I really want to learn to paint because I REALLY love it- paintings move me so much more than photographs so I would love to participate in that.
  • Run the cliff to cliff or whatever it's called across the Grand Canyon
  • Read biographies on all the prophets
  • Do triathalons 
I have many more on my bucket list- but I won't bore you :) Anyway, hope you have a great day! And good luck with finals!

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