Monday, December 5, 2011

Observant? I think not...

So, some of you may have noticed- or not, but I used to have music on my blog and I wanted to listen to it today and just realized it isn't there!!! AND I have no idea how long it hasn't been there and no clue what the site was where I made the playlist because I did it so long ago on a different computer! haha so maybe you were grateful you didn't have to listen to my country music anymore, maybe not, but I'll get music back on here! As of right now, I'm listening to lots of songs because I have a paper due tomorrow on 3 pieces of music and my reactions- cool right?! I'm excited to write this paper!! So, I had to choose from public radio's top 100 songs that were the most important for American 20th century and here are the three I chose :)
1) I have always loved this song, but reading the background story made it even more great!
2) This song is so cute!!! I had never heard it before- this will be at my wedding reception- LOVE IT!!

and 3) "Don't be Cruel" by Elvis Presley- I am a HUGE Elvis fan-ps: I just found this out from having to watch his stuff in my class- anyway- I like it :)

Yikes- I should start my paper now!!

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