Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Forget Me Not"

Hello! Today has been such a great day! You know those days where you feel rejuvenated and you get peace and quiet to do the things that make you feel so fulfilled and happy? Well, today was one of those days. I read this talk and it is so wonderful. I have heard it before and even read it a few times I think, but today it really touched me. Here is a picture from google about the forget me nots President Uchtdorf was speaking about... What a beautiful flower. You have to read/watch the talk to get it, but I'll probably put a picture of this flower on my wall now :) Anyway, what stuck out to me is that I am an extremely goal oriented person. I LOVE making goals, I love the plan of action of how to achieve them and I adore the feeling of knowing I reached the goal. Almost every Sunday I make new goals for how I can be better the next week. Today as I sat and thought about how I could be better I got a little sad thinking I make the same goals almost every week and I improve a little but I always have to make the same goal!!! WHY DON'T I EVER LEARN?!?!? But this talk comforted me and helped me to see that while yes, goals are good and important, I need to love who I am at every step along the way and recognize that while I am not good, I am still a good person who is trying very hard, and though I may fail quite a bit, I never truly fail because I am constantly learning. Anyway, I know that we are children of God and through him we can become perfect but need to remember along the way that if the Supreme Creator of the Universe can love us with our imperfections, we should be able to love ourselves. Hope you're having an amazing Sunday!!

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