Saturday, February 25, 2012

This song is cool but not really feeling the jacket... but the scenery kinda reminds me of our hike in St. George so I had to have it playing :)

So we drove to St. George on Friday then got there around 11. We were soooo tired, but we couldn't go to sleep before we took some embarrassing pictures...

Then the next day we woke up incredibly early...not. The next day we slept in until our heart's content, then we went on a fun hike!!

The next night we went to Vegas. I had never been there. Not going to lie, I really dislike Vegas and never ever want to go back, but it's a good thing I had good company because that made it still fun :)

In Vegas we watched the water show...

and went to Hard Rock Cafe...

The next day we went to church and then took a nice nature walk up to dixie rock which I can't find the pictures from  and came home early Monday morning. It was such a nice weekend and so great to have a break from school. I came back ready to immerse myself in school again. Wahoo!!

Side note, completely unrelated...guess... does a boy or a girl sing this song?

Wrong. It's a girl. I was SHOCKED!!! I have thought this was a boy for how many years?!! This is one of my favorite songs (along with the rest), and props to her for having a good voice and singing though!!

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