Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello!!! I have been a terrible blogger, but oh well :) This post is going to be a little of everything because I have lots of random, worthless things on my mind that I feel the need to put on the world wide web so I can stop thinking about them :) This week are two of my midterms!! WOOT WOOT!!!!! Come on, cheer with me ;) so it'll be a pretty crazy week and what am I doing? Blogging... oops. It's ok though because this can be my outlet so then I can be rejuvenated to study right? ;) I usually don't like these very much, but this one made me laugh inside a lot and described me quite a bit I feel like...

So, this past week was full of giggles and laughs due to our road trip to St. George! It was so much fun- recap and pictures to come (because I know you were dying to see them of course)
Here are some of the songs I've been loving lately. Enjoy!
This first song is just really pretty and kinda soothing in a way- strange- I know.

This next one kinda relates back to my post on the American Dream and lots of my other posts about dreams :) I am a firm believer in plunging head first into anything you hope for whether it be scholastically, love, an incredible career, etc. My Nana (grandma) used to always say to my Father, "what's the worst that can happen?" I've tried to live by that- after getting hurt quite a bit I felt like I shut down for a while and decided to not hope for things too out of the ordinary to protect my heart and lately I had a very heart-breaking experience, but it made me so happy, because I realized I had learned to hope to again, and the worst that can happen is our hopes don't come true, we are hurt, grow stronger, and find something way better farther down the road than what we had hoped for. So, in reality, the worst, really isn't all that bad :)

This next one I just love and think it's cute :) sorry, there's a swear word in it and the music video is a little strange...

I have always loved this song and looked up the music video for it today and it almost ruined the song for me- I wasn't sure whether to be frightened or laugh- so don't ask me now why I'm showing it to you, but I sure hope he was kidding...Anywho, the song is still really pretty

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