Monday, March 5, 2012

"Anonymous" and "What Heaven Sees in You"

First off, I love this song- I can't remember what it's from but I love it!! I have realized a few things lately that I already knew, just need reminding sometimes :)
So, yesterday I was just feeling inadequate. It wasn't a really big deal, just kinda inadequate for everything. I went to go somewhere, opened the door, and someone had left brownies and the sweetest note (I'm assuming it was a girl because it was on pink polka dot paper ;) but instantly I knew how much my Heavenly Father cares about me and that he inspired someone to take time out of their busy lives to do that

It made me so grateful for people who are close to the Spirit and follow promptings they receive and help others to see "what Heaven sees in you". I was so touched and tried to think of any way I could thank that person.... say thank you in the ward newsletter? Thank whoever it was on my fb status??? None of these seemed like they would be appropriate. I thought, how selfless of them to need no recognition for making someone's day. It reminded me of this talk. Sorry, lot's of thoughts and links today, but what I realized is the only way to pay that person back is to be that kind of person and try and do things like that more often for others around me. So, there's my thoughts in a not-so-small nutshell :) Hope you are having an amazing day!!! :)

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