Tuesday, November 22, 2011

childhood dreams fulfilled and awkward moments

Anyone in my family would tell you my little obsession with Pocahontas. One day when I was little I told my Dad I was pretty sure I was turning into her and that my skin was turning brown- I knew all the songs and would sing along and still kinda wish I could be her ;) anyway, on Friday, my dreams came true... me and my friends all dressed up like pilgrims and indians and had a Thanksgiving feast. It was so much fun. There was much laughing, eating, snowball-fighting, picture-taking, and dancing. Here is a picture from that night. Ps: I have this talent of taking shockingly horrific pictures. All my friends told me I look like a dead fish in this pic. and sadly, I must agree but do not fret, someday with a lot of practice, you MIGHT be able to take as bad of pictures as me- just don't get your hopes up.
And this one, is one of my favorites...please take note of the variety of faces hahaha
Now, for last night, we had a bridal shower for a good friend at work. After reading one of my favorites blogs, I decided to make a chocolate angel nut pie. It was a hit and let's just say I will most definitely be trying out more of her recipes in the future. I didn't have time for this but the next time I make it, I'm going to make little toffee chunks to sprinkle on top. Below is a picture of it for your personal enjoyment. The chocolate drizzles on top are supposed to be in neat lines, but I thought I would make it look more artistic, so I got a fork full of chocolate and flung it all over the pie- I was so excited for my creative twist, but then the finished product just looked like I had been running with a spoon full of chocolate and happened to trip and it landed on top of my pie :( oh well it'll look prettier next time!

Last, but not least, I had to leave you on a delightfully awkward note... So, for me, walking at the gym is always a little uncomfortable. You have to  walk past all the meat heads to get to the drinking fountain then stand there forever while you fill up your water bottle, so I typically stand up straight and walk right past them but keep my eyes glued forward so I don't make any eye-contact. Also, the floor is grey, but right as you walk out of the doors to from the classes the floor is slightly raised, but you can't see it because it doesn't change color and it gradually blends into the floor. Anyway, almost every time without fail when I have to walk past them I am working very hard on not making eye contact and giving off the "please don't talk to me" vibe when I forget about the grey thing and trip over it and then you have to make the decision "do I pretend like I didn't notice and just keep walking? or do I laugh and keep walking?" I typically do half and half- anyway- watch out for the camouflage raise in the floor and hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

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