Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday

First off, there may be a few things you noticed about the title... a) it's really cheesy and b) it's not Thursday. Don't fret- I have great explantations for both...a) I don't really care that it's cheesy- I like that stuff and b) I wrote a great post on Thursday and accidentally deleted it when I tried to insert a picture, then I tried to rewrite it and left my computer on too long and it got deleted :( so now I'm back 3 days later rewriting what I can remember of my Thursday post :) Lots of bloggers have one day a week where they do some random tradition post, this is going to be mine (that is if I remember haha), so here it goes :) I am thankful for many things but I'm only going to address 5 in these Thursday posts otherwise my fingers could get tired of typing and your eyes could get tired of reading things like I'm grateful for sunshine haha.
1) My Heavenly Father
I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to give the ultimate sacrifice -His Son. I am so grateful that there is a way provided to make it back to our Heavenly Father if we take advantage of it. I am also so grateful for prayer- I am so grateful that we can contact our Father in Heaven at any time of the day and He will be there listening if we are praying sincerely.
2) My Papa
My Dad is so great at listening and giving advice without favoring any side or being too opinionated. He is so patient with me and so willing to help. He came and picked me up from school on Thursday because I needed to talk to him and needed help with some things. I am so grateful for him and his influence in my life
I know I complain a ridiculous amount about the cold, but I really do love the seasons, especially if I have layers and layers on for the cold ones! There is not a season that I do not enjoy or think is beautiful- I love walking along campus and just staring at all the pretty trees and the way the leaves look on the sidewalk under the tree and the sound they make when I run in them and kick my feet (yes, I do do this in public- yes, I'm kinda a nerd haha)
4) Friends

These are just a few old pictures of friends I have had over the years- I'm so glad they put up with me and my constant rambling of who knows what and my random bursts of dance moves or weird comments that aren't really that funny but I think are hilarious haha Anyway, friends are great and ps: this picture right above this comment is from the 9th grade night dance haha and two of the other girls are now in my college ward and the other two are married!!!
5) Nice People
I don't have a picture for this one, but I am so grateful for the people who just are randomly nice or give you smiles- I'm sometimes shy when you first meet me or when I am in a large crowd and have no idea what to say and these people just put you right at ease- I'm so grateful for these people.
This post has gone on super long- sorry! Anyway, night haha


  1. Christianne! I was blog stalking and somehow ended up on your blog!! I'm a creeper :) so then i was reading and saw that pic of us in 9th grade... i'm so glad we're all in the same ward now! LOVE YOU! :)

  2. Haha I'm so glad you found my blog and read it!! Love you! And it's so fun that we're in the same ward!!!