Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paintings and Book

Aren't these paintings beautiful?! I just finished a paper on them at 3 AM last night (I know- I should be better at getting things done ahead) But I really loved them and kinda enjoyed writing a 5 page paper on the symbolism of them. Doesn't the first one look like a photograph?! I LOVE paintings. Someday, my home will be full of them- I wish I could paint, but I am happy with the other things I can do and I guess I am not willing to invest the time in learning how to be an incredible painter- but I can appreciate it :) Anyway, just had to show you! Ps: I don't really think the first one is beautiful- more intriguing. I love thought provoking things.

Also.... I just finished Jacob T. Marley. It's a book my Dad wrote that Deseret Book published and is featuring for Christmas. Ok, yes, he is my Dad, so naturally I already think he's one of the best people ever, but if my opinion counts for anything it was phenomenal. I LOVE reading and I love Charles Dickens and old classics. This book is the story of what every happened to Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Carol". It's not only interesting, but moving. This book teaches great life lessons and you walk away a better person for reading it- this is truly my favorite kind of book.

Anyway, I better go study for my midterm. Have a phenomenal day!!

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