Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend recap

What a great weekend! My brother and his darling family came out to visit us for Thanksgiving. Have you ever seen While You Were Sleeping and My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well my family is a combination of the two and I absolutely love it. When my whole family gets together we talk from the time we wake up and see another human in the house until we fall asleep and in between the talking we laugh like until our stomachs hurt and tears are coming out kinda laugh and we eat. Everyone is talking at the same time and there are about 50 different conversations going on yet somehow everyone knows exactly what is being said and can turn to one side and laugh at the funny story then turn to the other side and give their opinion on the serious conversation- if you know me very well you probably know I'm not really one fight for the floor or talk in large groups of people so my favorite part of all this is to sit back and just listen to the buzzing of everyone talking and laugh at all the funny things I hear once in a while if I really want to say something I'll raise my hand-literally... Some reading this would say it sounds like chaos- it is. Some would say it sounds wonderful- it is. But most of all, to me- it's home. Home has never been a quiet place for me and I love it because it's my home. Wow- that was a really long tangent- my apologies- but not really because you chose to read it ;) So here's the quick recap...
They came in Saturday but everything didn't really start until Wednesday because I didn't get home from work and school until about 7:30 Tuesday night. Wednesday is our cooking day so all day we just baked. Typically I help cook almost everything but this year I decided I wanted to try new pie crust recipes and it took up most of my time so I spent the majority of the baking time with pie crusts- which if you know me super well, you also probably know I have the attention span of a squirrel. Needless to say, with my 2 favorite nephews running around everywhere, I got distracted a lot and chased them and played hide and go seek and and had tickle wars. It was great. So, for the pies we used an olive oil crust for the coconut pie- it was disgusting- never try it if you like the people you're feeding it to. For the pumpkin, we had a butter almond crust- that was delicious- the recipe is here. Scroll down to the all butter crust almond recipe. Then...drumroll.... for the final one and my personal favorite of the year, THE APPLE PIE!!! We used my aunt's incredible recipe that she uses in the pies she bakes and sells for a business that her and her son started. This is their link. I tell you, they are the most incredible pies- I think about them all the time!! And for the crust we used a buttermilk crust. Everyone was in love with this pie. So after all the baking we had family pics (I will post all the pics once I retrieve them and the rest of the pics from the weekend!)

Wednesday night we went to the Muppets movie (it was opening night- we're dorks but just go with it cuz it's cool). IT WAS SO GOOD- I LOVED IT!!!! But before the movie, I took my four year old nephew outside to see the reindeer because he has an attention span like mine so we get along well :) and a dad holding his kid came up to me and smiled and asked if this was my little guy. It took me aback a little. I smiled and told him no, it's my nephew, but it got me thinking- my whole life I've been really scared of marriage and having children. I have felt ready for marriage lately- still scared of it, but I know when I find the right one, God will give me a calm assurance and I will know that it will be ok, but children I am excited for and can't wait to be a mom, but haven't wanted to start my family for at least 3-4 years because I can barely keep myself alive much less a baby! But when he said that, I felt more ready. I felt so excited and my heart yearned for little children that are my own that my husband and I love and take care of and that I can run around the house having nerd gun wars with. I was really grateful for this experience because it felt like a tender mercy from Heavenly Father just gently letting me know my heart is ready and I am ready and when the time is right I'll be able to do it and be a great mom.

Thursday me and the boys went on a run then we continued prepping for dinner then we ate and ate and ate.

Friday we lazed around all day then went to Temple Square and Deseret Book for my Dad's book signing of his newly published book Jacob T. Marley. It's also available at Costco and on amazon and a bunch more places that I can't remember right now. It was so fun and I'm so proud of my Dad for following his promptings and aspirations to write this book- it is a phenomenal book. Then when we all came home finished 17 Miracles which we had been chipping away at the whole week. This movie was incredible. I am one of those annoying people who unless it's a super hero movie or chick flick I will talk to you the entire time or fall asleep, so unfortunately this was my third time watching the movie, but this time I paid attention and I LOVED it. It filled my heart with such gratitude and sorrow. Gratitude because of the selflessness of these people to give so much and the incredible faith they had and sorrow because of my selfishness- as I watched, I thought of some of the things I complain about (like how cold it is with my 4 layers of clothing on as I take the 7 minute walk to campus, boys, weight, etc. and I thought how in the world do I have the nerve?! I have so much- I should never find a reason to complain- life is better than I ever dreamed it cold be.

Saturday my brother and his family packed up and we drove them to the airport- when we dropped them off I just held my nephew and cried. I didn't want them to leave and I hate saying goodbye to people I love- especially because I only get to see them 2 times per year. I really hope whoever I marry does not go on a lot of business trips because that would be so hard to say goodbye to someone that dear to you a few times a month. Anyway, there's my weekend- sorry for the painfully long post with no pics, but I had a lot to say :)

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