Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mission Accomplished

This blog post is going to be a little short because I'm super tired and have a migraine, but I just had to say real quick- I LOVE my life!!! I have always firmly believed this, but it has been confirmed even more so lately that we have a loving Father in Heaven and no matter what religion you are, if you believe in Him and sincerely pray, He hears and answers our prayers. I love Him and am so grateful for everything He has seen fit to bless me with. I was walking around BYU the other day or maybe it was today (long days lately ;) just thinking to myself- I GO TO BYU!!!! and just thanking my Father in Heaven that I do! I love that I get to go to school every day and sit there and have some expert basically pour knowledge into my head (I wish I could remember everything), but I truly am so grateful for it!!
Then I thought about my roommates and how they're every bit as weird as I am (this is a rarity) and how I could seriously sit there for hours and laugh until tears are coming out and my stomach hurts and have serious talks and they UNDERSTAND what I'm talking about!!! They listen to me for endless hours and never ask me to just be quiet!! How in the world am I so blessed to have such great friends who also are my roommates. (I also love all my friends who are not my roommates ps and feel the same about them!!)
And then I thought about my jobs and how fun it is and how I live in Provo and how much I love that, I have a lot to say, but I'll stop here because my quick post is turning into a not-so-quick post, anywho, I just wanted to say I know that all of these things are put in my life by my Heavenly Father and that He puts things such as this in everyone's lives because of how He feels about them and when He temporarily withholds them, it is also because He loves them and has things they can learn from them.
And for the mission accomplished part... so if you have ever been to University Gold's gym in Orem, you probably have noticed these... the floor is grey and then as you walk out of the doors of the rooms its a step that gradually goes up and blends into the floor. So, here's my story... pretty sure EVERY time I am at the gym here is what happens.... So, you know the area with all the weights and machines? Well I never venture into there because I feel awkward so I go into the other room where boys aren't allowed- I know, I'm mature ;), anyway, I walk to the drinking fountain to fill up my water bottle and to get there you have to walk past this weight area- I always feel so awkward because everyone just looks up and stares at you- not because they think I'm attractive or anything, but because I'm in their area and there are few things I really dislike more than being the center of attention, therefore, to avoid all this awkwardness, I just keep my eyes straight forward so I don't have to make eye contact with anyone (brilliant, I know), however, I always somehow forget about this little step and as I'm calmly walking, careful not to make eye contact- BOOM I trip over this thing- but people can't tell what you're tripping over because it BLENDS INTO THE FLOOR PEOPLE!!! Then I have to face the decision, do I pretend like nothing happened and I meant to do that? Or do I laugh a little to myself? (I do about half and half), anyway, Monday, I am pretty sure was the first day EVER that I did not trip over the little grey step. You may now be very excited for me because I surely was when I realized this- anyway- good night- so much for a short post- and sorry again for the many words- I need to learn to start taking pictures, there will be no document I lived haha anyway- night.

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